Game Hunting In Victoria

Opportunities to see and hunt game in Victoria are world class. Game species are resilient to harvesting and able to adapt to extreme and unpredictable environmental conditions. They occur in relatively large numbers, have a high replacement potential, mature quickly and can breed at an early age, have high rates of turnover, are fast escapers and are very wary in their natural surroundings

Game species that can be hunted in Victoria include eight species of native duck, stubble quail and six species of introduced deer seasons and bag limit may apply to these species. Also Californian, European and Japanese Quail, pheasants and partridges may be hunted for the whole of the year with shotgun only.

Game Management in Victoria

The Game Management Authority (GMA) is responsible for statewide game hunting policy.

Game hunting in Victoria is regulated to:

  • Provide continued sustainable (except where other management objectives seek to control or reduce populations), humane, ethical and safe recreational hunting opportunities.
  • Ensure equitable sharing of game resources between stakeholders.
  • Minimise the destruction of non-game species.
  • Ensure the protection of wildlife habitats.
Open seasons and daily bag limits for game species are prescribed by the Wildlife (Game) Regulations 2012. Minimum legal calibre, cartridge case length and projectile weight are set for game hunting in Victoria.