Rule 10: Dont climb fences or obstacles with loaded firearms

Each year there are shooters who are shot (usually by their own firearm) as they attempt to cross/climb fences and/or obstacles with loaded firearms.

Before attempting to negotiate a fence or obstacle unload your firearm. Do not rely on safety catches. Safety catches are only intended to supplement the safe handling of firearms.

If attempting to cross/climb a fence alone:

(a) unload your firearm;
(b) place it through the fence and lay it on the ground with the muzzle pointing in a safe direction. Then cross the fence away from your firearm.

If crossing/climbing a fence with a friend:
(a) ensure all firearms are unloaded;
(b) use the same method as for crossing alone, or hand your unloaded firearm to your companion and then cross the fence. Then have your companion hand to you your unloaded firearm and his or her unloaded firearm.

* Think before you cross: unload that firearm.