Rule 6: Store firearms and ammunition safely

You are required by law to have a safe and secure place to store your firearms. All firearms and ammunition should be stored separately, out of the reach of children, out of view and in an approved cabinet.

A complete firearm is dangerous in the wrong hands, so lock away your unloaded firearm and ammunition separately. Do this immediately when you return to camp or home from shooting.

Securing firearms out of sight will help prevent removal by thieves.

For legal requirements in relation to transportation of firearms and ammunition, see Transporting firearms and ammunition and Car and Public Transport.


Firearms Storage

The Firearms Act 1996 (Schedule 4) provides for storage standards for firearms and ammunition. The following is a brief summary of the storage requirements which you must be able to satisfy. Victoria Police recommends you source a commercial standard and purpose-built safe.

Storage Requirements (for Category A + B Firearms)

  • Hard wood or steel container - not easy to penetrate.
  • If the container weighs less than 150kg when empty, it must be securely fixed to the floor or wall frame.
  • When a firearm is in the container, the container MUST be locked with a lock of sturdy construction.
  • The premises must be fitted with an ‘intruder alarm system’ if more than 15 firearms are stored on the premises. ‘Intruder alarm system’ means an alarm system which is installed, maintained and operated in accordance with Australian Standard 2201.1.2007 (as amended from time to time) and which, in the event of an intrusion, activates an audible alarm warning device and an external visible alarm warning light.
  • Ammunition must be stored in a separate locked container (not within the firearm).
  • All Victorian Licence holders should when travelling interstate, check with that state's Police Firearms Registry as to licensing and storage requirements.
All family members, especially children, need to know what a firearm is, what it is designed for, and why it must not be touched. It is essential that children realise that firearms are not playthings and must be treated with caution and respect. Children should be taught not to touch a firearm without an adult present, and if they find a firearm to seek the assistance of an adult.

Securing firearms enhances family and community safety.